Growing Healthy



Plant Establishment

eco-cweed plus eco-aminogro

eco-cweed & eco-aminogro significantly reduce transplant shock and stimulate healthy root growth. Applying this combination will help establish your tree faster and you will be picking fruit before you know it. Apply 4 teaspoons of eco-cweed with 50ml of eco-aminogro in a 9L watering can at planting then l-2 weeks later.


If planting during dry conditions apply eco-hydrate with eco-cweed and eco-aminogro.  eco-hydrate improves water penetration into dry soils and reduces subsequent moisture loss due to evaporation.  Dilute 500mls of eco-hydrate in a 9 litre watering can with eco-cweed & eco-aminogro.

General Maintenance
Insect Control

Aphids & Mites - apply 5ml of eco-oil/L water. Apply two sprays to top and underside of foliage, 3-5 days apart. Repeat spray at first sign of re-infestation.

Scale - use 10mls of eco-oil/L water. Spray stems and foliage (top and underside) to run off. Apply in early Spring as 'crawlers' emerge from adult scale. Several applications may be required, since not all crawlers emerge at once - apply two applications at 7 day intervals. Repeat spray at first sign of re-infestation.

Citrus Leafminer - apply 10mls of eco-oil/L water every 5-14 days once new growth reaches 4cm in length. Apply to top and underside of foliage. This will inhibit the citrus leafminer moth landing and laying her eggs.

Fruit Fly - Some citrus varieties are prone to Fruit Fly attack. Check with your nursery to see if your variety is susceptible. If so, apply eco-naturalure every week from petal drop to harvest, spraying a 1 m2 patch of eco-naturalure on branches, a board (40cmx40cm) or foliage. Spray should be applied so that it forms thick droplets; and each sprayed patch should contain:
     - branch/board spray -10ml eco-naturalure and 15ml of water
     - foliage spray - 10ml eco-naturalure and 60ml of water
A 1m2 patch is required per 50m2 area requiring protection.

Plant Nutrition and Moisture Management

eco-cweed & eco-aminogro naturally stimulate plant growth, improve fruit set, juice quality and increase plant stress tolerance. Apply as a soil drench just before first flush (4 spoons eco-cweed + 50ml eco-aminogro/9L watering can). For maximum yields and fruit quality, follow-up with foliar sprays of 1/2 spoon eco-cweed + 5ml eco-aminogro/L of water at flowering, then monthly until fruit ripens.

If dry conditions develop during the flowering or fruiting stage apply eco-hydrate to help maintain adequate soil moisture for juicy fruit development. Apply 25ml of eco-hydrate per L water; once every four weeks to sandy soil, or every six weeks to clay-based soil.

The eco-organic garden range contains BFA registered organic products that can be used to control pest & disease problems, maximise water retention in soil, and increase plant health. No protective clothing is needed when spraying, there is no withholding period for edible crops; products won't harm beneficial insects and won't leave residues on foliage or in soil. 

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